What is Code On Live?

Code On Live is a web-tv channel which free software contributors can broadcast their works while working on the free software projects. It is open to all free software contributors. If you want to join us, check the box at right side.


Normally, most of projects lists the ways to contribute to project but they don't show how contributing to a free software is easy. We broadcast our works as a real-world example for basic users. Users can find a way to contribute their favourite free software project by following our videos.

Socializing with other developers and getting new ideas are important to develop better softwares. So we can discuss our works real-timely on our broadcasts.

Who broadcasts on that channel?

We are all volunteer free software contributors which have different roles. (programmers, designers, testers, translators, packagers etc.) Anyone who works on a free software can join us.

Can I watch your old videos?

Yes, you can check our Archive page to see our old videos.